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Environ Pest Elimination has over 30 years of experience as pest control technicians and we know how to quickly and effectively solve your bed bug or pest problem. We make it our mission to exceed your expectations with clean results. We have been providing exceptional pest control and extermination services since 1990, and over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for integrity, dependability, and exceptional service. Based in the Midwest, we’re proud to serve both residential and commercial properties in Illinois and Missouri. We focus on eliminating your bug problem by utilizing advanced heating systems and powerful (but safe) chemicals for the best results. This strategy has proven to be extremely effective for both us and our customers. You can rely on us to handle any pest problem in Champaign, IL. We are proud members of the following organizations, which support our efforts and help us learn more about pest control:

  • Illinois Pest Control Association
  • Greater Chicago Pest Management Association
  • National Pest Management Association
  • Indiana Pest Management Association
  • Missouri Pest Management Association
Environ Pest Elimination using industrial heat to rid residential home of bed bugs and other pests - Champaign, IL

Bed Bug Treatment in Champaign, IL

Getting rid of Bed Bugs is our specialty!

Bed bug treatment options are available from Environ Pest Elimination for your home, vehicle, or workplace. One of our most popular treatment options is heat treatment, which uses the home’s heaters to raise the air temperature high enough to kill all stages of the bed bug’s life cycle, from eggs to adults. Our technicians will monitor the room temperature to ensure it rises to the proper level and stays there long enough to exterminate all the bed bugs in your home. This is the preferred method of our customers, and it has proven to be the most effective. If your vehicle has become infested with bed bugs, we provide a similar treatment that kills them with heat. We also clean air ducts, so bed bugs have no place to hide! If they are there, we will find them and exterminate them thoroughly. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can determine which approach is best for you. We’ll clean and disinfect your car, home, or business in Champaign, IL, and we’ll keep your property sanitary and free from pests.

Heat Treatments

Starting at $795

Thermal remediation is the preferred treatment for the complete elimination of bed bugs. Our team of technicians can safely administer this treatment in your
Vehicle Treatments

Starting at $199

We offer safe, reliable treatments for vehicles that have been infested with bed bugs. This process is similar to the residential treatment in that it uses sustained high heat to kill bed

Termite Control in Champaign, IL

If you suspect you have a termite infestation, don’t put off taking action. Every minute you wait increases the amount of potential property damage. Please contact Environ Pest Elimination as soon as possible so we can assess the severity of the problem and begin treatment. Termites will happily consume the wood fixtures of your Champaign, IL, home or business at any time of day or night. This damage can be significantly devastating depending on the structure of your property, as termite colonies can range in size from several hundred to several million. Our professionals will work tirelessly to restore your home or business and eliminate the pests that are a threat to its safety. Please allow us to also talk about some preventative measures we can take to keep those pesky termites at bay for good. We are dedicated to not only resolving your current problem, but also bettering your future.

magnifying glass focused on termite infestation - damaged wood due to termites - termite control - Champaign, IL
selective focus of rat near exterminator holding extermination equipment - Champaign, IL

Rodent Control in Champaign, IL

You may have a rodent problem if you hear scratching and scampering sounds in the walls or ceilings. Although confirming this issue can be difficult, homeowners should be aware of any potential warning signs, such as scratches, gnawed holes, nests, scurrying noises, droppings, and unusual behavior from their pets. You’ll want those vermin out of your house as soon as you notice the damage they’re causing. This is where our Champaign, IL staff can offer our assistance. Our experts at Environ Pest Elimination will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the type of rodents you’re dealing with, the severity of the problem, their activity patterns, and the reason for their presence in your home. Then, we’ll collaborate with you to determine the best rodent-control method to use to eliminate the problem. Allow us to safeguard your home against further damage or disease risk to your family. You’ll want to make your home as safe as possible for your children and pets.

Roach Control in Champaign, IL

Cockroaches can live anywhere, including homes and businesses, because they are incredibly resilient and difficult to kill. Cockroaches can move quickly to find new places to nest, so a roach infestation can occur at any time and on any property. They prefer warm, humid climates within at least 20 feet of water. However, because they are omnivores, restricting their access to food or water will not be enough to eliminate them. The most effective roach control method is baiting, which involves placing a small piece of bait in areas of your home where roaches are likely to congregate, such as the laundry room, bathrooms, and kitchen. Consult with Environ Pest Elimination’s expert exterminators when you want the benefit of professional help and advanced tools, and we’ll devise the best strategy to eliminate your roach infestation and restore the quality of your Champaign, IL, home. Let’s get rid of those roaches for good!

Exterminator spraying pesticide on insect infestation - cockroaches - spiders - household pests - Champaign, IL
Pest control specialist in hazmat contractor working floor and skirting - pest extermination - roaches - spiders - pest problem - Champaign, IL

Other Pests: Spiders, Ants, Ticks, Etc. in Champaign, IL

Insects can range from minor annoyances to serious threats to your health and safety, so educating yourself and understanding how to treat an infestation are vitally important. The good thing is you are not alone in dealing with this problem. You can fight ants, spiders, roaches, ticks, silverfish, and other pests with Environ Pest Elimination on your side. As a homeowner, you want to do everything possible to keep pests out of your house. Valuable documents and clothing, as well as your children and pets, should be kept secure at all times. Our goal is to ensure your happiness and safety by restoring your sense of security in your own home and providing you with peace of mind. Our experts in Champaign, IL, will work with you every step of the way to solve your pest problem and keep these creatures away from your property in the future. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your situation and the variety of options we provide to address your specific pest problem.

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Environ Pest Elimination’s hardworking employees have provided pest control and extermination services for over 30 years. During that time, we’ve established a solid reputation for dependability, efficiency, and high-quality results. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this team and to serve our community. We would be honored to treat and restore your Champaign, Illinois home or business. Our exterminators are the best in the business and are available to help you when you need it most. Please think about all the benefits of working with our dedicated team of experts.

  • Over 30 Years of Experience
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