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Quality Commercial Bed Bug Extermination

Springfield, IL

Many people think bed bugs, as their name suggests, can only be found in beds. However, bed bugs can be present anywhere you go, whether it’s in a public space, your own home, or even your workplace. Common places include hotels, offices, clothing stores, thrift stores, movie theaters, and taxi cabs or Ubers. People who have bed bugs at home can easily bring the pests with them everywhere they go without even knowing it. Remember: bed bugs are the best hitchhikers in the world and can sneakily travel anywhere. Try to be aware of the places you visit and the public transportation you use, as bed bugs could be hiding in plain sight. Contact Environ Pest Elimination with any questions or concerns about bed bugs.

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Commercial bed bug extermination - bed bugs in public office space office setting - Springfield, IL

Bed Bugs in Springfield, IL

Springfield, IL is a busy city, full of life and constantly moving. If you live in the city, you probably visit many public places and use public transportation to get everywhere you need. Any shared spaces increase the chance of close encounters with other people, which could lead to infections. A bed bug infestation isn’t something most people think of as being contagious, but it is. You can pick up bed bugs from someone you come into contact with, and then unknowingly, you bring them home, and they start burrowing into your furniture and breeding. When you notice these bugs or signs of an infestation, call our experts at Environ Pest elimination for our professional extermination services. Even if it’s minor, we’ll handle the issue before it worsens.

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Bed Bugs in Hotels

Hotels are a typical place to find bed bugs, as they are buildings full of beds and people coming and going constantly. This is why all respected hotel establishments will provide thorough cleaning to each and every room once their guests have left. Unfortunately, a bed bug problem is likely to occur eventually still. It’s important to wash yourself and your clothes after staying in a hotel, just in case. If you believe you may have brought bed bugs home or if you run a business that could be infested, please get in touch with our professionals at Environ Pest Elimination, and we’ll come to evaluate the situation and determine the best course of action.

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Bed Bugs in Offices and Workplaces

Unfortunately, you’re not even safe from bed bugs at your workplace. Every office or business could unknowingly be hosting unwelcomed pests. We recommend regularly inspecting certain common areas around the building for signs of bed bugs. Try looking in cracks and crevices, especially behind electrical outlets and around your carpets and chairs. Also, if your business has lounges or breakrooms used regularly by employees, you should check around the plush furniture. If you notice signs of bed bugs, report the issue to the owner and have them contact our professionals at Environ Pest Elimination. We’ll take care of exterminating your pest problem quickly and efficiently so you can focus on returning to business as usual.


How do I protect myself from bed bugs in public places?

There are several steps you can take to protect yourself from bed bugs when you are out in public. Examples include: reducing clutter, keeping your belongings separate from others, vacuuming often, being vigilant of common areas where bed bugs may be found, educating yourself, and contacting your local professionals when you spot signs of an infestation. There is no need to panic, however. Bed bugs are unpleasant but most often do not pose any real threat to humans.

What should I do to protect myself from a bed bug infestation when traveling?

If you have come back from a trip, be vigilant of your surroundings during your travels and check your luggage and clothing when you get home. It’s important to wash your clothes after a trip to get rid of unwanted germs or pests. If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, please get in touch with your local professionals for their extermination services.

What should I do if I find a bed bug?

The first thing to do is inform the manager or facility staff so they can contact the professionals and make a plan for extermination. Whoever is in charge of the building will decide what steps to take and inform all employees or guests if there is a true infestation.

Where can I find bed bugs?

Bed bugs are not just found in beds. They can be anywhere—in your home or any public space. They are often found in sofas, chair cushions, and cracks in the wall, including behind electrical outlets, baseboards, and even picture frames.

Can I handle a bed bug infestation myself?

An effective strategy for controlling your bed bug situation should always start with a thorough examination by a professional exterminator. This is not a pest that can be effectively controlled with measures you carry out yourself. It’s always best to consult with the experts on bed bug infestation, whether in your home or business.

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